We are proud to present the strongest and only true billet forged overdrive clutch hub for the 68RFE. Our shaft fits ALL 68RFE’s both stock and aftermarket from 2008-2019! Unlike the competition who start with an OEM shaft, cryogenically treat, shot peen and tap it with a magic wand; our shaft is truly stronger. Not just in words but in real life physics and testing! The stock hub and shaft is made of 4130 steel. Our hot forged billet shaft is made of 4340M/300M steel. There is no comparison ins strength between the two metals. Please read the chart below to see for yourself. Our base material is nearly 100% stronger than that of the OEM base shaft. No hocus pocus cryogenic heat treat and shot peening process will get you anywhere near what our material difference does. Material Tensile Strength Yield Strength 4130 Steel 97,200 PSI 63,100 PSI 4340/300M Steel 280,000 PSI 230,000 PSI Strength Difference in % 96.92% 113.88% We don’t just use statistics to prove our products we also use real world testing! We sent the OEM hub, a competitor’s OEM cryo/shot peened hub and our 300M forged hub to an independent third party government approved test facility. At the facility the parts were subjected to a torsional yield test that twists the shafts to their breaking point. The results prove just how much stronger our part is vs the OE and competition. Please see the data below: Shaft Torque Before Breaking Strength increase vs OEM OEM Competitor’s OEM cryogenically treated and shot peened Revmax 300M Forged The benefits of the RevMax 300M Billet Overdrive Clutch Hub are far more than just material strength. Our shaft is a 1 piece design. The OE and competition shafts are two piece designs that require a friction weld to join the hub the and shaft. This weld is another fracture and failure point we don’t have. Our shaft also allows the builder to build his OD clutch pack setup to his own specs and liking. When using our shaft along with our RevMax 9x or RevMax 12xR drum assembly with billet forged pressure plates, you now have multiple options for clutch stackup. Using our drum, pressure plates and billet OD hub, these are just a few of the options you now have: Friction Setup OD/Reverse Pressure Plate % Increase over OEM clutch surface area 16 Single Sided Full Thickness, .365” Thick 28.5% 18 Single Sided .265” thick machined pressure plate 40% 20 Single Sided .265” thick machined pressure plate 50% 6 Double Sided w\ 5 .067” Steels Full Thickness, .365” Thick 0% 7 Double Sided w\ 6 .067” Steels .265” thick machined pressure plate 28.5% 8 Double Sided w\ 7 .067” Steels .180” thick machined pressure plate 40% Our shaft features the following benefits vs the competition and OEM stock shaft: Ability to run full thickness pressure plates while increasing clutch capacity by 28% Up to 50% more clutch capacity when using the industry standard .100” machined OD/Rev pressure plate. Longer clutch hub length allowing the installation of up to 20 single sided or 8 double sided frictions. One piece design that eliminates the weld from failing 4340M/300M billet hot forged material that is nearly 100% stronger than the OEM shaft Precision ground bushing surfaces Shot Peened lubrication holes to stop any stress cracks from forming Can be installed in a 100% OEM stock transmission without ANY modifications or into a transmission that incorporates any current aftermarket drum assembly.

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